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How We Work With Volunteers

How we work with Volunteers

Limerick Volunteer Centre is an independent and free matching service to encourage more people to become involved in volunteering across the city and county.

Our role is to provide information and advice to people interested in volunteering and to organisations looking for volunteers. In doing so we work with Volunteer Involving Organisations to gather information about their volunteering needs and provide that information to volunteers through our database.

Limerick Volunteer Centre is part of a network of 22 volunteer centres a member of Volunteer Ireland.  Further information on the network can be found at www.volunteer.ie

Who Will We Work With?

Limerick Volunteer Centre will provide a placement service to anyone resident in Ireland wishing to find out more about the volunteering opportunities available. Accessing our service puts you under no obligation to choose a volunteering vacancy and your details can be removed whenever you wish. If you reside outside of Co. Limerick, we will forward your details to your local volunteer centre, unless you specifically wish to apply for a vacancy on our database.

What Services Do We Provide?

Access to a Database of Volunteering Opportunities: Limerick Volunteer Centre has a database of organisations throughout the region who are seeking volunteers to get involved in their work. Our database provides you with information on the organisation and the vacancies.

Information & Support on the Vacancies in the Database and on Volunteering in General: Limerick Volunteer Centre can provide advice and guidance, or access to information, on a range of issues related to the opportunities on our database and volunteering in general.

Supports we provide to volunteers in Limerick We send regular updates of new vacancies to all our active volunteers and we can also answer queries or seek information for you via email. If you do not wish to receive further emails please let us know. T

Volunteer Placement

Volunteer Placement: is what we call the process whereby you find a volunteering role. It works like this: You, the volunteer, registers on our database through our website or by visiting us in our office.   Volunteers then take responsibility for searching the database themselves for a suitable opportunity – you know better than anyone what kind of volunteering will suit you. Feel free to call us and ask questions, but we will give you the time to search the database yourself. If you don’t see anything that you like, or if you are just unsure what you want to do, feel free to give us a call and ask for a face-to-face meeting, where we can talk through your options.

Referral to Organisation:• If you find one or more opportunities that you are interested in, we will refer your details to the organisation who should contact you in due course. We will also furnish you with their contact details should you wish to speed up the process. • Each voluntary organisation has its own recruitment process, and you will need to follow that process to apply to be a volunteer with them. Our database should detail what that process is – it may just be an informal chat, you may need to fill in an application form, and for some you will need to undergo Garda Vetting.

Follow-Up: We like to try and keep in touch with you while you are applying for a vacancy, so if anything happens, such as you start volunteering, or you decide not to do it, or you’ve been in touch with the organisation and they have not been back on to you, please let us know. It helps us to gather this kind of information, and if you want, we can follow up with organisations on your behalf.

What Do We Expect From You? That You Keep Us Updated Please let us know how you are getting on, both during and after the placement process. This helps us to help you better, it can help us identify problems and it also lets us know how successful or otherwise the service is being. We will also seek feedback on our service once a year, so please help us out if you have a few minutes to spare and complete the questionnaire we circulate at that time.

Refusal of Service Under Certain Circumstances: Limerick Volunteer Centre may refuse to accept a registration, or refuse to place volunteers with an organisation. This may be due to inappropriate or unsafe behaviour, for example. For a full explanation of why and how this might occur please see our policy: “Criteria for non-Registration or nonplacement of volunteers and non-registration of, or nonplacement of volunteers with organisations”. Appealing This Decision Should you disagree with the Manager’s decision to suspend our service to you, please write to the Chair of Limerick Volunteer Centre, at the address below, outlining your reasons. Your appeal will be considered by the Steering Committee, or a subcommittee of the Steering Committee of Limerick Volunteer Centre.

Compliments and Complaints Limerick Volunteer Centre welcomes all feedback, both positive and negative as it allows us to deliver a better service to the community.  We encourage all volunteers to contact us directly regarding any unsuitable placements. Please address your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fingal Volunteer Centre, a local Volunteer Centre is a member of Volunteer Ireland

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