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Volunteer Management Training Course

Have you thought about involving volunteers in your organisation or would you like to learn how to manage your volunteers more effectively?
Whether you involve 1 or 1,000 volunteers, this training will help you attract and select suitable volunteers and provide a positive experience for all. This interactive training opportunity is packed with practical advice that you can use immediately as well as food for thought as you evaluate how you work with volunteers. 
The course is a 2 day (4 module) course.

The course covers:

Module 1: Planning for Volunteer Involvement

Do you feel your volunteer programme could be more successful? Or, do you want to involve volunteers but do not know where to start? This session will help you to ensure you successfully plan and prepare for involving volunteers in yourorganisation.

Topics include:

• Preparing for volunteer involvement

• Exploring why people choose to volunteer

• Identifying and developing volunteer role descriptions


Module 2: Volunteer Recruitment and Selection

How do you attract volunteers? What do you do if someone doesn’t seem like the right fit? This session will help to ensure you select the right person for the right volunteer role.

Topics include:

• Effective advertisement

• Screening techniques

• Applications

 • Interviews and Volunteer Selection


Module 3: Day-to-Day Management of Volunteers

Your volunteer starts today! What do you do now? This session will help you put in place a comprehensive management process to ensure your volunteer programme runs smoothly.

Topics include:

• Induction and volunteer agreements

• Support and supervision

• Recognition

• Resolving difficult situations

• Exit Interviews


Module 4: Designing a Policy for Volunteer Involvement

What is a volunteer policy? Why is it important and what should it include? Get things started - write your volunteer policy today!

Topics include:

• Defining policy

• Review of sample policies

• Designing and writing a volunteer policy

Cost: €50 euro
Contact Salena at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 087-7387481 to register your interest in our upcoming courses.
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