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Limerick Volunteer Centre Training and Consultancy Service

Training and consultancyLimerick Volunteer Centre are delighted to present Volunteer Ireland's National Volunteer Management Training Programme.

Staff at Limerick Volunteer Centre have been involved in a wide variety of community and voluntary based projects and have a wealth of experience in volunteer management.  In addition they have been trained - accredited through Open College Network Northern Ireland (OCNNI) - to deliver the National Volunteer Management Training Programme.

We can provide three different types of training / consultancy to your community or voluntary organisation:

  1. Bespoke Training & Consultancy Service
  2. Thinking of Involving Volunteers workshop
  3. Four Module Volunteer Management Training 

We offer a wide range of volunteer support services for organisations working with volunteers in Limerick.  Whether you are looking for help recruiting volunteers, keeping your volunteers motivated, developing a volunteer policy or figuring out how to involve a volunteer in your organisation for the very first time, we are to help you and your organisation. Contact us to arrange an appointment or to find out more information about our volunteer management resources.  Email us for further information.

Feedback our Volunteer Management Training
We are delighted to present some of the fedback we got from the range of trainings we provide.  

  • 95.3% said our content was very relevant
  • 96.6% said that our delivery was very effective
  • 96.3% said our materials were very helpful and 
  • 93.5% said they found our events were very useful.  


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