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The "Limerick Privilege" is born.

Mayor Galvin launching the Limerick Privilege  

What is the Limerick Privilege?

The Limerick Privilege is our way of recognising the essential voluntary work that's been undertaken by extraordinary people in every Limerick town, street, road or village.

These people provide social clubs for our older citizens or youth clubs for our teenagers. They coach our boys and girls on the sporting field, in music classes and homework clubs. They literally save lives and prevent self harm. They organise our festivals and our tidy our towns. They prepare our special olympians or help the homeless. They see a need and they offer assistance. They colour our communities and improve the fabric of our society. Limerick is truly privileged that they serve among us and "The Limerick Privilege" is a special card that's our way of saying Thank You!

Plea to Limerick Business Community.

Limerick City and County Council, The Limerick Leader, Limerick's Live 95 FM and Limerick Volunteer Centre have come together to make it all a success. We are requesting that Retailers, Traders, Restaurants, Hairdressers, Cinemas, Theatres, etc. etc. join the scheme. It costs nothing to join, all you have to do is offer something special to a cardholder. It might be a discount or it could be a free coffee. That's entirely up to you. Please sign up by clicking on the card below;




Fingal Volunteer Centre, a local Volunteer Centre is a member of Volunteer Ireland

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